Our Expertise in Geomechanics and Engineering

A2GC personnel combine over 15 years of working at mine sites with over 55 years of providing technical and consulting services to a wide range of clients. Having worked “on both sides of the fence” provides A2GC with a sound perspective on its clients’ needs and expectations.

A2GC combines this experience with a thorough understanding of the mining business, whereby uncertainties, risks, costs, cycle times and delays are to be minimised, while productivity, production, and, ultimately, profits are to be maximised. A2GC recognises that, even though safety risks are not acceptable under any circumstance, some level of business risk may be allowable, based on the tolerance of the client.

A2GC personnel have extensive experience running and managing geomechanical, ground control and drilling & blasting technical projects, which allows for a tight fit to be maintained between the analyses undertaken and the objectives of the work, to efficiently zero-in on a practical, doable and viable solution.

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